Wrexham Lager is proud to release the ‘GPJ Cargos’ in honour of Gareth Powell Jones, a passionate and well-loved Wrexham Lager & Wrexham AFC supporter, whose life tragically came to an end in April.

Gareth Powell Jones was more than just a Wrexham Lager and Wrexham AFC fan, he had Wrexham running in his veins.

In one of Gareth’s final messages to Wrexham Lager, he came up with the idea and design to create a Wrexham Lager and Bootlegger cargo shorts, which in Gareth’s words “would look mint!!’’

In honour of Gareth, we are proud to announce that ‘GPJ Cargos’, a first ever Wrexham Lager & Bootlegger collab product, are available to order now via our website. 100% of the profits will go to Gareth’s family and a charity of their choice. Wrexham Lager will also be making a contribution to both.

We understand it has been a difficult time for many, but Gareth was and will always be a truly respected and adored member of the Wrexham community. We are honoured to carry on Gareth’s memory and hope this can help bring further awareness to a subject that should always be spoken about and shared.

We wish all our customers the very best and we thank you for your continued & incredible support.